Job Creators Network, a conservative political advocacy organization founded by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, tried to persuade Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred this summer Return to the All-Star Game.

Charlie Gasparino of FOX Business reports that Alfredo Ortiz, president of Job Creators Network, will play a leading role in this work. On Tuesday, the organization held a rally in front of the Major League Baseball headquarters in New York City. The organization also paid for a series of advertisements on billboards (including those on Times Square in New York) to return the game to Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves.

"There was a big advertisement a few weeks ago. There will be others who will say to Rob Manfred:'Without the ball, go all out. This puts pressure on the left-wing militants. They will do more. Matter. From what we understand," Gasparino reported on FOX Business. "They also wrote to Commissioner Manfred and held a meeting with him to discuss the matter and why his decision to leave Atlanta was not to succumb to the mob, but how to cause losses to local businesses, including many minority businesses. A large number of them. Funds."

According to Gasparino, the right-wing conservative advocacy organization Job Creators Network is committed to seeking free market solutions, lower taxes and reduced regulations. Like many other conservative groups, they are opposed to confrontation with American companies and Major League Baseball, which adopts a political culture of "awakening" when dealing with the public.

Despite the team's efforts to move the All-Star Game back to Atlanta, Gasparino believes that the chances of it actually happening are small.

Gasparino said: "I think you will see more. It is not clear whether Manfred does this." "I have been working with Alfredo Ortiz (Alfredo Ortiz). ) Talking about it, they think they have made a lot of progress here. From an economic point of view, moving out of Atlanta is ridiculous. How much harm has been done to local Atlanta businesses. Voting in Georgia’s law is obviously not as good as the upcoming All-Star Game The coming Colorado is strict."