A video director of the New York Giants claimed that he was fired because he reported that his immediate superiors had assaulted his subordinates-which led to "violent patterns and culture in the workplace."

New Jersey resident David Maltese (David Maltese), a former 30-year employee of the football team, said in a lawsuit filed in the New Jersey Superior Court on Thursday that he was “personally harmed by the culture of violence in the Giants’ workplace. ".

The Maltese claimed in court documents that he witnessed his immediate boss Tyseer Siam (Head of Giants Football Data and Innovation) attacking one of Malta's subordinates, Steven Venditi, on September 12, 2020.

The lawsuit alleges that the Maltese terminated the employment relationship in March for no reason after reporting the incident, which violated the New Jersey Due Diligence Employee Protection Act.

When the Maltese complained to the senior management about this matter, he pointed out that Siam "performed threats against him, and Siam’s violent behavior is just one example of the giant group’s prevalent and persistent violent behavior patterns and culture in the workplace. For the management of subordinates", litigation is responsible.

At that time, Malta "reminded" the Giants' senior vice president and general counsel William Heller-and also a defendant in the lawsuit-that he had been confronted by the Giants' former video director John Mancu during his career. Suo’s "physical attack". The court documents said.

In addition, the Maltese claimed in the lawsuit that he had also reported an incident in December 2004. He said that former assistant coach Dave DeGuglielmo “handled hard” against the Maltese, Called to drive him to the table,'I'm going to kill you.'"

The lawsuit alleges that the attack occurred in front of the player, coach and senior vice president of Giants Player Chris Mara.

The lawsuit states: “The defendant did not take disciplinary action against DeGuglielmo, and therefore recognized and condoned the violent culture in the giant’s workplace.

According to the lawsuit record, after the attack on Vanditi, the Maltese expressed concern in an email stating that Vanditi will sit next to Siam on the upcoming team flight to Chicago. According to the lawsuit, Heller accused the Maltese of "trying to get us (the giant) to build" and "writing for the record."

According to the lawsuit, at a meeting on September 30, Heller stated that if Malta revealed what they said at the meeting to someone who did not belong to them, "I will personally enter your office and strangle you until you can’t Breathe again, okay?

The lawsuit stated: "When the defendant Heller made the threat of physical violence, he knew that the plaintiff had a history of trauma and had been violently assaulted by giant managers and executives over the years."

The lawsuit seeks compensation for "pain, pain, stress, humiliation, mental suffering, emotional injury, personal injury and physical illness, medical expenses, and damage to its reputation and loss of income" for monetary losses.

Representatives of the Giants did not immediately respond to the Post's request for comment on Thursday.